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Several people have asked me to recommend hosting companies and over the past few years I've used three. This blog is hosted by but I've also used , and

Rackspace is much more of a full on commercial hosting solution but the support from them is truly second to none and the interface for managing the site is very easy indeed. The whole system has been setup for very quick and easy management of hosted server environment. Generally shared servers are setup in a few hours and dedicated servers take a day. The whole process is very smooth and the staff very helpful.

Gradwell offers several different packages. The package I use is the agency hosting lite package which proves a decent amount of disk space, full hosting, email and a host of other things. The really nice thing about Gradwell is that it's easy to bolt on additional servers that you need. For example, if you need more web space then it's easy to add additional space for a small additional fee. The control panel has recently been updated and is reasonably easy to use. Support is very good with some calls being answered by Peter Gradwell himself and the stability of the service has increased in leaps and bounds over the past 12 months.

1 and 1 offers very good value for money and a range of hosting options. At one point I was going to host this site on 1 and 1 but due to a nasty customer services experience which has left me feeling that 1 and 1 don't really care too much once the money has been received.
Saying that, they do offer a range of packages for a decent cost.


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