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Setting up Email on Nokia E61

I've upgraded my personal mobile to a Nokia E61 which is based on Symbians 9.1 Operating System and it's a very nice phone especially built for it's extensive messaging capabilities which do work well.

One problem I had at first was working out how to configure the E61 to pick up email from my IMAP server. The help page described how to do it but the menu I needed was hidden so deeply down the tree that when I finally figured it out I thought it would be worth passing the configuration process on.

From the main menu click on your messaging button (the envelope icon to the right of the joystick).

Click on Select then onto Settings

Scroll to Email

Just click on start

elect the mailbox type - POP3 or IMAP. It's important to remember that once selected you CANNOT change it. You must delete the mailbox and then recreate it.
A second thing to note is that POP3 does not delete email from the mail server but works pretty much the same way as IMAP.

Enter your email address

Enter the name of the mail server. Note: This server must be on the Internet if you want to pick up your emails from remote locations. Internal mail servers are fine for using the phone via wireless over the LAN.

Enter the DNS name of the outgoing mail server. You need to put something in here even if you don't want to send emails.

Pick the default type of connection for that email account

Give it a nice friendly name - This is the name that will appear in the messaging list.

All done! And that's all there is to it.

Gary Williams

Gary Williams

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