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Migration of DHCP database

On my home 'production' network I have a single Active Directory server that runs DNS and DHCP. Whilst not fault tolerant it does the job and for a network that can afford the downtime should the domain controller die its a workable solution.

Recently, this server has been running incredibly slowly. Its actually taking 8 minutes to boot.
As this server has been giving sterling service for a couple of years I decided it was probably time to replace the server with something a little faster and a lot cleaner.

Building the replacement domain controller was simple enough, An autobuild of Windows 2000 server then DCPROMO it to be a domain controller.
The FSMO roles transfered over no problems as did the DNS.

DHCP proved to be slightly more problematic.

All DHCP records are held in a database file under %systemroot%\system32\dhcp - Copying this database to the new server didn't work so it was time to hit Technet's knowledge base.

The knowledge base pointed me in the direction of a tool called DHCPEXIM which despite the clunky interface is actually very easy to use. Just highlight the scope(s) you want migrate and click on Export.

On your new DHCP server run DHCPEXIM, select import and point it to the file you just exported. It will display a list of the scopes it knows about and bring them all into your DHCP server.

Note that your DHCP server can already have scopes configured but if you try to import a scope and that scope already exists on your server then the import will fail.


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