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When I joined my first IT department a lot of things were new to me but I was expected to basically get on with it. Sure I could ask questions and I could see if there were any procedures but a lot of it was left up to me to learn and sort out.

Fast-forward thirteen years and we have the paper-MCSE who doesn't seem to have the ability to think for themselves. Too often people in IT Depts these days seem to expect to be spoon fed and led by the neck, there doesn't seem to be that spark of "I want to figure out why this is broken".
To many of today's IS staff seem content to just rattle through the same old checklist of items and in the process quite often alienate customers.

In many ways this is not the fault of the new helpdesk person coming into the organisation but instead its a problem endemic in the very way IT Departments work these days.
The problem is this - Many IT Departments have the same type of calls and these calls can be handled by someone with very little knowledge following a checklist. Not only does this make the call closure rate look good but also reduces costs as the person on the helpdesk can be paid less.

This is all fine for the very basic calls and issues but it starts to fall down for the more complex ones because some of the more complex problems cannot be fixed by following a checklist. Certainly a checklist can be used as a guide but real world troubleshooting needs more of a thorough approach than a checklist can provide.

Gary Williams

Gary Williams

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