The law of the 6 P's

When I first started out in the IT industry I was fortunate enough to work with someone who was incredibly well versed in Windows and taught me a lot about transitiing networks from to .

One of the things he told me was 'The law of the 6 P's' which stands for:
Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

This is something that has stayed with me over the years. In different companies I've worked in I am still amazed at how little coordiantion and planning goes on. Warnings go ignored, procedures dont get followed (often because no one knows they exist) and eventually a crisis forces the IT dept to pull out all the stops to achieve something. Because much of the knowledge exists in a few peoples heads they are the ones that always get asked to fix things, sometimes this is self inflicted yet most of the time its because they have and get on with things.


Gary Williams

Gary Williams

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