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If in doubt, reboot........ the train........

My journey into work is normally quite uneventful. Since the move out to Kent it generally takes 20 minutes longer but the journey is actually fairly pleasant. Today was the exception.

About 20 minutes into the journey the trains brakes come on pretty hard slamming the train to a stop and we sat there for a couple of minutes before the guard come onto the tannoy to explain that there was a problem with the trains brakes (really?!) and that there were going to try a fix... This is the point that they REBOOTED the train. I kid you not, the annunciator at both ends of the coach went out, the air con died and the lights all went out......... A few minutes in the quiet and everything came back on but I would have loved to have seen a BIOS start up message scroll across the annunciators!

As a side note in this case the fix didn't work and the train was taken out of service at Orpington but I swear that's the first time I've been on a train that's needed a reboot!

Gary Williams

Gary Williams

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