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The company I'm currently working at have decided that ITIL is the way forward. Yes, after several years of different ideas, options, tests and other madness they want to adopt the official ITIL framework over a period of 6-7 months.

Now, whilst I think that ITIL is a good idea and yes, I am something of a convert to the whole ITIL structure I think that the nature of the user/customer base here is simply one that won't tolerate the ITIL way of doing things because it will require them to become more proactive and less reactive. I really do believe that many IT departments are products of the greater company in which they find themselves. Have a company that's reactive and unstructured then your IT department will be as well because it fits in to the business model.

Still, the training was interesting if a little dry and I picked up a few things on Problem Management and Root Cause Analysis. Something I'm very interested in because of the way it deals with problems and provides permanent documented fixes. This is something I'll go into in more detail in a later blog.

As for ITIL here, well.... I really do hope it works but I can see it being a somewhat half-hearted implementation unless the business are prepared to be a little more structured.

The final thing I'll say on ITIL is that it's a nice framework with a focus on how IT should be run but it doesn't address any sort of approach for bringing it into the business. I know that ITIL practitioners will say that this is because each business is different but it would be nice to read some success stories and find out just how they implemented ITIL and what order they implemented it.

Gary Williams

Gary Williams

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