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I already know it's going to be one of "those" weeks, but then I guess it always is, there is always something that turns a nice quiet, productive week into a nightmare. This week hasn't even started properly yet and it already has the feel of problems.

Put simply, this week is going to be all about shuffling data from one location to another, the sheer joys of being taken over and having to comply with another companies standards. It doesn't help that our permissions are a total disgrace. If you think of the standard rules of users into groups and assign the groups permissions.. well, we haven't done that. we don't even come close so permissions changes are proving to be a stumbling block.

We also have a subsidiary company that has been bought out by another company. Data transfer to the new location is proving to be another interesting experience, I cannot, for the life of me, understand why people cannot get organised and actually work out before hand what it is they need and so this is leading to a lot of last minute requests... situation normal I suppose.

Add this to the fact that Netapp have discovered another bug in their firmware this time and this bug is a good one. It seems that only on the 3070 cluster the bug will result in a reboot of the filer leading to a panic. Nice. I had this happen to one of the filers in Cambridge and now it seems that the only way to fix it is by being onsite with a laptop and a serial cable....

More updates coming soon and I'm thinking of changing this blog into more of a war stories blog with the occasional bit of technical information rather than leaving it a few months between updates.

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