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Next 6 months targets

At the start of the year the company I work for sets targets for the next six months. These targets often have no bearing on the overall strategy or direction of the team but are down some managers whim or based on a technical article they read that morning.
The targets also often don't follow on from one 6 month period to the next.

For example, one of my targets for the previous 6 months was to dcoument suggestions for a re-org of the OU's in Active Directory. One wasn't actually necessary but upper management caught site of the AD layout and thought it looked a bit untidy. They never asked any questions or sought to understand the layout or even ask if a reorg of the OU's would bring any benefits.

Anyway, one nice result of this was that it was an easy piece of work yet for this bunch of 6 months work I don't actually have 'Implement the suggested OU re-org' as a target which strikes me as just odd.

In the next six months I have to write a document providing options for in the data centers and write another exploring the option of using it shouldn't be used in this way.

Gary Williams

Gary Williams

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