2018 - a few plans

A new year can often mean new years resolutions and a new begining for others.

For me, I see it as a chance to set a few targets and try to do better than I did last year. While I'm fairly happy with the blogs and other content that I developed last year I want to do more and better this year, so here are a few things that I've got in mind:

  1. Video Blogs/teardowns/experiments - I've always been a fan of tear down videos on youtube and I've had the idea of doing a few IT teardown/'what happens if' type videos around certain server applications such clustering and docker.

  2. More blogs - I want keep posting blogs in 2018 around various things like I might see in the media, feel strongly about or just think might be interesting.

  3. New Things! Old Things! Revisited Things! - I'm keen to start playing with more new (to me!) tech, things like Octopus Deploy, VSAN, vvols and so on are high on the list. I also want to revisit some cert stuff and certainly experiment with both TLS 1.3 and HTTP/2. I also want to revisit my AD backup and recovery blog as since I wrote that, tools like Veeam's AD explorer have appeared which makes the process so much easier.

That's just a few random plans for 2018, I do want to thank everyone who has commented either here or on IRC or on Twitter or other places. Your feedback makes it all worthwhile!

Gary Williams

Gary Williams

IT Person | Veeam Vanguard | VMware vExpert | Windows admin | Docker fan | Spiceworks moderator | keeper of 3 cats | Avid Tea fan

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