Battle of the browsers - Round 2

Firefox 2.0 has been released hot on the heels of Microsoft's internet explorer 7. It will be interesting to see how big the take up of both browsers will be.

Whatever happens, Machines WILL need Internet Explorer 7 simply so they have a guarantee that security patches will continue to be made available for issues in Internet Explorer.

I've played with both IE7 and Firefox 2.0 - IE7 certainly has the biggest overall as tabbed browsing is now supported. Overall, I suppose IE7 works well enough but it still seems lacking in several areas to me. Two things in IE7 do annoy me:

1. Changing the default search engine is three mouse clicks (select it in the drop down, Click on options then onto apply) where as IE7 could just remember the users setting.

2. There is no ability to slipstream IE7 into an existing distribution. This means that you still have to build a machine THEN apply IE7. I need to have a look at unattended installs/Zero Administration for IE7 and see what's available.

Whilst I will be deploying IE7 I'm afraid my browser of choice for day to day work will be Firefox 2.0

Gary Williams

Gary Williams

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