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I've had recent set of fun and games on my home network.

Because of some work I had happening at home I had to unplug all the kit and move the racking out of the way so that workmen could get to a set of pipes behind the server kit and check out some of the water and electrical kit. I do sometimes wonder what they think when they walk into the house and see kit that can rival a small business!!

Anyway, I know that I've been needing to remove a lot of the redundant wiring and re-label a few bits and pieces. I was actually quite horrified and the knot of cabling that was behind the servers. It's something I'm actually quite glad I've been forced to do as I've managed to remove a lot of old and redundant cabling. I'm also looking for a decent way of labling network cables as the normal type of labeling machine labels don't enjoy the conditions that a switch can put them through.

This weekend I will get the remaining boxes up and running and I also want to rebuild the VMWare server to run Windows 2003. The current server has an issue starting up the VMWare services sometimes and according to a VMware tech note it's because the server is too slow. This machine is a fairly well specced machine so I am wondering if something in the build is broken and if Windows 2003 will work any better. More to come on this soon.

Gary Williams

Gary Williams

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