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One of things that IT departments seem to be very good at is producing documentation, diagrams, PDF's and other assorted paperwork. Some of the material produced is actually very good but trying to keep track of it on today's huge sized hard drives in something of a challenge. What is needed is a good document management system.

One of the first document management systems I ever used was called soft solutions and it was by Novell. It integrated very easily into Wordperfect and made finding documents a very simple task. Since then I've been after something similar for personal usage. I have thousands of PDF's on various things along with thousands of documents and it's getting to the point where I'm bored of recreating the same document!

Microsoft and IBM both currently offer products to fit this market, Microsoft offer and IBM has . Both products will do the job but both are quite 'weighty' in terms of pre-requisites which is no surprise as both are designed to be used by enterprise sized companies.
What I was after was something lightweight. After some searching I found which comes in both a commercial and open source version. The open source copy is free for use.

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