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Automated phone systems

Working in the IT field means I'm often on the phone to different companies and the one thing I VERY quickly learn to hate are the automated call handling systems that it seems everyone has introduced.

There are several things that I truly hate about these menu systems but one of the main ones is how every damn system has a variant of "In order to serve you better our menu has changed" - err, how does you messing around with your MENU serve me? It just means I have to sit here and listen to you twittering on when you could serve me better by fixing the product in the first place!
In actually many people do the same as me, they listen to the menu options once and write them down for future use - Outlook's notes field is particularly handy for this.

The other big problem I have with these systems is how you have to negotiate a maze of options to finally get the dept you want only to be told "This department is closed". Frustrating doesn't even begin to describe it.

There has got to be something better than a digital Dorothy answering the phones for every company.

Gary Williams

Gary Williams

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