Annoyed at Symantec 'Trialware'

I just tried to download a copy of Symantec Sygate 5.1 from Symantec's website. I've used and earlier version of the product and wanted to test out the current version just to see what it looked like - If we purchase it then it will be via an already establisehd partner.

When I clicked on the 'download trialware' link I got a THREE-PAGE form to fill in, I never use my details on these because I already get bugged by enough sales folk.

Imagine my amazement when I complete the process to get this message:

"To ensure that Symantec can provide any technical assistance needed for a smooth evaluation, a Sales representative will contact you within 3-5 business days to provide software download details, as well as help with product activation and implementation. Do you wish to continue?"

Right. How can a SALES Rep give me technical assistance?

Why does a SALES Rep need to contact me to allow me to download the software?

Why does it take 3 to 5 DAYS before the software can be downloaded.

I thought I'd give Symantec customer care a call about this, So I dial up 0870 2431003 which is the number listed on the website for customer services and get through to a normal digital dorothy phone menu, select option 3 for Symantec customer services and promptly get cut off.

It seems that Symantecs 'Customer Care' is basically them saying "We hate you. Go away".

Thanks Symantec. I'll make sure I do as little business with you as possible.

Gary Williams

Gary Williams

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