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Project time Analysis

After last weeks fun and games with project management and changing deadlines I've come to the conclusion that I really don't like MS Project. Maybe this is because I don't really know how to use it and I don't have the back end server infrastructure set up for it all to work.

Even after saying that I still don't like project. I don't like the way it requires dates. If a persons time was dedicated to a single project then fine, project will work better but when you have a person whose time you get in varying lengths and that length of time is unpredictable then project is unable to cope with working that way and breaks down.

I personally feel that what is needed is a time planner tool which can be used as a time base for tasks. This system would become a centralised store of tasks - what to know how long it takes to get a server? Not a problem, look it up and the tool will give you the average time it takes based on previous knowledge.

MS Project is not able to offer this, in fact no project tool I have used seems to be capable of offering this pooled knowledge and therefore all project plans are new, finger in the air guesses with no ability to draw on previous learned experiences.

Additionally, the tool I envision will be able to detect compare the tasks you are creating and suggest others based on previous projects.
Once your project tasks are drawn up it will be easy to see the amount of hours required and most of this information will be based on known information!

To me, this seems to be a common sense approach based on learnt knowledge yet no one seems to work this way and I can't find a tool that is able to do this type of time analysis[


Gary Williams

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