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Mail for Exchange documentation woes

Too many times now I've come across badly written documentation. That is documentation that leaves you hanging wondering "what next?" or "where do I go from here?".

An example of this is the Mail for Exchange application on my Nokia E61. Having spent no less than 4 hours trying to get it to work and still having no joy I realized just how painful the documentation is. I'll cover the fun and games with Mail for Exchange in a later article but for now I just want to highlight how badly written the documentation is.
When configuring my phone to connect to my Exchange server over wireless I get an error "Communication error, retry later". The documentation has a section that reads "Troubleshooting - Errors you may receive" and lists that error with no fix or reason why that error is occurring.

Thanks Nokia.

If you are going to present the user with an error you should at least give the user and idea of what to do with it.

Gary Williams

Gary Williams

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