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Trying out Project Honolulu

At MS Ignite MS announced project honolulu which is a management tool for Windows servers. It's a bit like the server manager you see in Windows 2012 R2 but designed as a webpage and can be accessed by remote clients as long as KB3191565 is installed

As part of testing out Honolulu I designed to install the software on a Windows 2016 server and run a few tests of different operating systems. Interestingly, Honolulu only supports Windows 2012 and up. You can see from the screenshot that it refuses to touch Windows 2008 R2. I also included a Hyper-V box running on Windows 2012 R2 and I wanted to try out Nano but I don't have a nano server up and running at the moment and I suspect that Honolulu won't support it.

Clicking in to a Windows 2012 R2 server shows a nice GUI interface for CPU, Memory and so on. Disk and network charts are not supported on anything other than Windows 2016.

The Hyper-V part of Project Honolulu is very nice, far better than the Hyper-V manager and I can imagine using this becoming a replacement for the Hyper-V manager. In fact, I hope that it does become a replacement for the Hyper-V manager!

Overall, I do like where Microsoft are taking this application and I hope to see more development work performed on it. I also like that out of the box it comes with a HTTPS cert. I do want to try out a few more things with it including connecting up a nano server, replacing the cert and seeing what day to day administration I can use this for rather than using the MMC or RDP'ing in to a server.

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