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Death of a Domain Controller

My home network has just a single domain controller on it. This domain controller runs a few other servers such as spam checking email and so on.

A few weeks back when the server was started it would always do a disk check but it would never find any problems so as a precaution I backed up the system state data - I don't use two domain controllers because I just don't see the need for it on a small home network.

Good thing I took the backup as the server decided it had had enough and blue screened with 'INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE'.

At first I thought the fix would be simple enough, Just build a new Windows 2000 Domain controller because the original was windows 2000 and run DCPROMO /ADV to restore but Windows 2000 Active Directory doesn't support it then I hit upon the idea of building a Windows 2003 domain controller and running DCPROMO /ADV but I don't know if it will be able to restore a Windows 2000 Active Directory database to Windows 2003 - Something I will test very soon.

The safest option and the one I'm following is to build a Windows 2000 server and drop it it into Active Directory Services restore mode and then restore the system state from backup and THEN DCPromo the new windows 2003 server.

Gary Williams

Gary Williams

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