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AD Find is the second of the two tools I managed to find in the same week. This little tool weighs in at just 700K for the download and about 2mb for the actual file. This tool does exactly what it says, it finds things in Active Directory. The clever part about it is it's possible to say exactly what you want to get back and the format it should be in.
As an example, a few weeks back I had the issue with .

Now, the version of Bindview that's being used where I work is a very old NT4 only aware application which means it will update the SAMAccountName attribute but not the display name.

This isn't a problem as there is a workflow from an HR application which deals with all of that, all bindivew should be doing is delegated group permissions (and yes, I know it's much easier in AD but thats a war story for another time).

Anyway, I was curious to know how many SAMAccountNames didn't match up with display names so I used ADFind to display the CN, Samaccountname, mail, firstname and lastname fields in a CSVBindview not liking non-ASCII characters

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