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AD Explorer from Sysinternals

Sometimes it's possible to stumble upon a tool and wonder just how you would have gotten a task accomplished without it. Last week I had the good fortune to stumble upon two such applications right at the time when I needed them most. I did consider buying a lottery ticket that evening!

The first one is AD Explorer and it's from sysinternals and it's exactly what it says, a explorer tool for Active Directory. It allows viewing, searching and editing of the AD in ways that are far superior to Active Directory Users and Computers. I suspect the only thing that AD users and computers can do (or do better) that this tool cannot are password changes, logon hour restrictions and limiting logon ID's to specific computers.

One very nice feature this tool has is the ability to take a snapshot of an Active Directory and compare it to another snapshot. Doing this shows just how many changes occur in the AD in just a few days. It's also a great way to see how many differences accumulate between your production and test active directory environments.

Overall this is a fantastic tool and one I'll be using when the MS technotes require delving into some obscure key via ADSIEdit. I'll also be using it in place of tools like unless I need to something LDAP specficSofterras LDAP browser

Gary Williams

Gary Williams

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