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Snooping on Facebook user profiles is a 'staff perk'

I'm not a huge fan of Facebook as I really don't see the point of sites like these. Generally, If I've not spoken to anyone in a number of years then there is a reason for it so I really don't want to hook up with them again thanks to facebook.

At the end of June that facebook users provide far too many personal details and were at risk of identify fraud. Well it seems that others are just catching on to this idea with several horror stories of exactly that in the media and then today has this .

So it seems privacy settings on facebook are absolutely meaningless and staff consider snooping a 'perk'. If users privacy is treated in such a cavalier fashion by those that administer the site I can for see a risk that users will become more blasé about risks surrounding identity theft which will, in turn, create an entire identity theft industry around facebookittle gem of a story

Gary Williams

Gary Williams

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